How to request sweeping

You can request sweeping of litter using our Request sweeping form.

How to report a litter bin issue

You can report an overflowing or damaged litter bin using our Report litter bin issue form.

How to request a litter bin

If you think a new litter bin is needed in a specific location you can request one using our Report litter bin issue form.

What is litter?

Litter can be as small as a sweet wrapper or cigarette end, as large as a bag of rubbish, or it can mean lots of items scattered about. Smoking-related litter is the most prevalent item of litter on the streets in this country.

Studies have shown that around 2.25 million pieces of litter are dropped in the UK every day. About £885 million a year are spent by local authorities in the UK on street cleaning and litter clearance.

Keep Britain Tidy, a charitable organisation, describes litter as “waste in the wrong place caused by human agency”. In other words, it is only people that make litter.

There are over 650 litter bins in the borough and each bin is able to take bagged dog waste and litter. In or near certain retail areas dual litter and recycling bins have been installed.

What can we do?

Campaigns can be carried out in schools to raise awareness of the problems associated with litter. These encourage young people (and their parents) to use litter bins or take their litter home with them.

Take Pride

Many members of the community 'do their bit' for their local environment. A great example of this is the council’s Take Pride initiative. Voluntary groups don their gloves, pick up their litter-pickers and graffiti wipes and clean up their local area.

If you or your group wish to take part, or if you would like to join an existing group, you will be provided with gloves, tabards, litter pickers and rubbish sacks. The rubbish will be picked up from an agreed place by our contractor. Just let us know when your event is taking place by calling 01344 352000 or using our enquiry form.

Keep Britain Tidy

Keep Britain Tidy also co-ordinates national Big Tidy Up campaigns. Community groups can contact them to receive tabards, refuse sacks, badges, stickers, a guide and posters to promote their clean up.

The law

The offence of ‘Leaving Litter’ (section 87 of the Environmental Protection Act statutory instrument (law)) 1990) is a criminal offence. The police or local authority can prosecute people who drop litter. Local authority officers and litter wardens can give an on-the-spot £75 fixed penalty notice for littering. Average fines are around £95 but can rise to £2,500 if taken to court.

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