Re-registering a birth

Why do I need to re-register?

There are two reasons why you may need to re-register your child:

  • if you have married the other parent since the birth (even if the natural father’s details were shown in the original registration), you are legally required to re-register the birth to show the new status of both you and your child
  • if the birth was registered showing only the mother’s details, the details of the natural father can be added at any time (both parents must attend the re-registration, or a declaration of parentage must be obtained from a solicitor)

How to re-register

Re-registration application forms can be obtained from any register office in England or Wales.

Once completed the form should be taken to the register office in the district where the birth occurred.


There is no charge for re-registration, but you may wish to obtain a birth certificate from the new entry. The fee for this is £4.00, or £7.00 if requested after re-registration. The fee increases to £10.00 if the register has been completed.

Book an appointment

An appointment is required to re-register a birth. Please contact the register office to make an appointment.

If you will require any special assistance at your appointment, please tell us at the time of booking the appointment.

Opening times

The register office is open Monday to Friday 9.30am to 4.30pm (excluding Bank Holidays).

How to find us

Our appointments are held at Time Square, unless otherwise stated upon booking.

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