Roads - maintenance

Our Highways Asset Management Team is responsible for the routine and reactive maintenance of the borough’s road, footpath and cycle-way networks. This includes pothole repairs. Larger scale surface treatment programmes are generally carried out during the summer months. 

The Pothole Action Fund 2016-17

In 2016 the Department for Transport (DfT) allocated additional funding to all highway authorities in the country to help them repair potholes. Bracknell Forest Council received £101,000.

Both DfT and Bracknell Forest Council are concerned that all highway maintenance funding is used in the most efficient manner. Temporary repairs to potholes are only carried out to ensure the safety of road users, and permanent first time repairs are our first choice whenever possible.

In Bracknell Forest the additional funding was not used merely to repair potholes but to supplement our existing allocations to extend our annual surfacing programme to prevent the formation of potholes in one of our busier roads. In particular the Pothole Action Fund was used to resurface 2.3 kilometres of the B3034 Forest Road.

Urgent repairs to roads, such as temporary pothole repairs prior to more permanent repairs, continue to be funded from the council’s own resources.

Report a fault

Potholes and other damage

If you notice damage to the roads, verges or pavements such as potholes, missing or broken covers please use our report condition of the road online form.


If you want to report an obstruction on the road, such as debris, fallen barriers, building materials or shop front stalls please use our obstruction on the road online form.

Damage to road signs

If you notice road signs, street name plates or roadwork signs that have been damaged please use our road signs, roadwork signs and street name plates report form.

You can also use this form to report roadwork signs that have been left behind after the roadworks have been completed.

Problems with traffic lights

If you want to report damaged or faulty traffic lights or request new traffic lights please use our traffic lights report online form.

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