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Roadworks finder

The Elgin roadworks finder provides information about the location of roadworks and other notifiable highway events within the Bracknell Forest area and further afield. It shows which organisation is responsible for the roadworks and you can also register to receive alerts about upcoming works.

If you have any queries regarding roadworks in the Bracknell Forest area, please contact the utility company carrying out the work initially.

If Bracknell Forest Council is shown as the organisation responsible for the roadworks or road closure, or if you can't find the information you need from looking at roadworks finder, please complete our enquiry form.

Why roadworks happen

Utility companies and highway authorities need to complete works on the highway in order to provide and maintain a safe highway network and essential services such as gas, water, telecommunications and electricity.

Our Highway Network Management Team co-ordinates and monitors all these activities in a proactive, impartial and consistent manner to ensure disruption is minimised and works sites are safe.

Notification and inspection of street works

Utilities are legally known as statutory undertakers because they have a statutory right to carry out street works and are responsible for their own works. They must however notify us of their intentions to complete works. 

We have an obligation to co-ordinate all roadworks and have some powers regarding co-ordinating works but they must be applied in a fair and equitable manner.

We also inspect and monitor street and road works to ensure that prompt completion is not achieved at the expense of safety and quality of work. We have powers available under the New Roads & Street Works Act 1991 to direct and control utility activities. These powers will also be used on Highway Authority activities to ensure equal treatment.

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