Sandhurst Sports Centre - membership

Make savings on every visit by becoming a member of Edgbarrow and Sandhurst Sports Centres. We have various packages to meet everyone’s needs including annual leisure membership and monthly direct debit.

If you have an e+ card you can have your membership added to that.

Non-members are also welcome to use the facilities but will pay a daily “temporary membership” fee in addition to the activity charge.

Annual leisure membership

This is the basic membership type. It entitles members to discounted rates on all of our facilities and activities as well as our sports courses and holiday camps. This membership also entitles customers to book facilities up to 15 days in advance whereas non-members can only book 10 days in advance.

This category of membership also entitles members to discounted rates on facilities and activities at Bracknell Leisure Centre and Downshire Golf Complex.


Type of membership Residents Non-residents
Family* £62.00 £82.60
Adult £35.70 £55.80
63+ and under 16s £17.45 £27.15
Student** £17.45 £27.15
Disabled*** £17.45 £27.15

* Family membership includes 2 adults and up to 4 children under the age of 16.

** 16+ must show valid ID from a place of study. Applies to all student activities.

*** Disabled persons will be charged at the under 16 rate. Where there is no under 16 rate, the charge is adult less 30%.

Be Active annual and monthly direct debit membership

This is our all-inclusive package, ideal for customers using the facilities on a regular basis. Be Active membership entitles customers to use our most popular facilities (Be Active fitness suite, Be Active Express fitness suites, exercise classes and racquet sports), for one great price. We can offer monthly direct debit or pre-paid packages.


Type of membership Adult Concessions
Single annual £350.00 £246.00
Single monthly (direct debit) £35.00 £24.60
Joint annual £616.00 £428.00
Joint monthly (direct debit) £61.60 £42.80

Leisure loyalty points scheme

As a customer of Edgbarrow and Sandhurst Sports Centre you can be rewarded for your loyalty with our leisure loyalty points scheme. The more visits you make the more points you collect and the bigger the savings you make. Once a minimum of 100 points have been collected you can redeem them against the cost of specified activities at any of the participating centres: Bracknell Leisure Centre, Edgbarrow and Sandhurst Sports Centres and Downshire Golf Complex.

PDF file downloadLeisure loyalty points scheme (PDF, 294kb)

Leisure Saver Scheme

The leisure saver scheme is free to join. It offers considerable savings off the cost of specific activities at Edgbarrow and Sandhurst Sports Centres. This scheme also offers savings at Bracknell Leisure Centre and Downshire Golf Complex. Please see the Leisure Saver Scheme page for more details.

Universal Credit will be introduced by the government over the coming months and this will replace a number of existing benefits and credits that qualify for the Leisure Saver Scheme. The transition from the current system of benefits and tax credits to Universal Credit will be gradual and it is expected to be completed by the end of 2017.

During the changeover period the current criteria for membership of the Leisure Saver Scheme will still be accepted alongside the new Universal Credit in order to qualify for the Leisure Scheme. As the existing benefit system is phased out all members of the Leisure Saver Scheme will eventually need to be eligible for Universal Credit in order to qualify.

PDF file downloadLeisure Saver Scheme form (PDF, 455kb)


Type of activity Adult Concessions
Badminton £3.25 £2.05
Be Active Fitness Suite £2.00 £1.45
Gym induction £8.05 £6.95
Health assessment £2.60 £2.25

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