School admissions - appeals

If you are not allocated a place at a school you name as a preferred school on your application form, you have the right to appeal against this decision.

Please read the PDF file downloadadmission appeals booklet (PDF, 118kb) which provides information around the appeals process before completing the appeal form.

How do I appeal?

You can submit an appeal by completing our school admission appeal online form.

If you wish to include any copies of supporting documentation with your appeal, you can upload the documents online.

If you have any queries about the appeals process more generally please contact us.

School admission appeals panel

What is the school admission appeals panel?

School Admission Appeal Panels determine appeals lodged by parents where their child is not offered a place at their preferred school.

Who is on the panel?

Each appeal panel is made up of two categories of people:

  • people who have not worked in a school except as a governor or volunteer
  • people who are experienced in education, such as teachers, teaching assistants or parents of registered pupils

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer member of the panel please see the following documents for further information:

School admission appeal statistics

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