School travel - help for parents and pupils

The council has a legal duty to promote sustainable travel to and from school. We encourage schools to implement measures that promote sustainable travel. These measures are often formalised in a school travel plan 

We support schools by providing information and resources, running campaigns and incentive schemes. We also undertake highway improvements, which encourage sustainable travel modes.

Planning your journey

If you would like your child to walk or cycle to school, there are a number of tools available to help you.


You can plan a cycle journey to school by using the Google journey planning option. Go to the Google maps site, select 'get directions' and click on the bicycle logo. You can then enter your start and end points and Google will plan your journey using the available traffic-free cycle network.


If you don’t have time to walk your children to school, perhaps there is a friend or neighbour with children at the same school and your child could walk with them. Better still, talk to your school about setting up a walking bus.


If it’s too far to walk, visit our page about buses to see if public transport could be a solution for you.

Free school transport

Finally, if you think your child may be entitled to free school transport, visit our home to school transport pages.

Bike It officer

The council is funding a Bike It officer from national charity Sustrans to encourage more children and their parents to cycle (and scoot and walk) to school. Fourteen schools are working with the Bike It officer, Kate Jury. Another 4 to 6 schools will have the opportunity to take part next academic year. Kate has been giving assemblies, arranging biker’s breakfasts, cycle checks, security marking, and maintenance sessions.

More advice

We recognise the concerns that many parents have about the safety of their children on the journey to and from school - visit our Road safety section.

A summary of the Better Ways to School - Sustainable Modes of Travel to School Strategy aimed specifically at parents is available to download - PDF file downloadBetter ways to school. (PDF, 124kb)

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