Overview and scrutiny - work programme

The work of the Overview and Scrutiny commission and panels is steered by a work programme which is agreed by the commission at the beginning of each municipal year in consultation with the executive and corporate management team. Residents are encouraged to contribute ideas and concerns to shape the work programme.

The work programme features policy reviews and performance monitoring in relation to policy objectives, performance targets and particular service areas through regular performance reports and budget consultation and monitoring. The work programme is flexible, allowing the addition of new reviews as the need arises. The current work programme can be viewed online.

The Overview and Scrutiny work programme in 2016/17 is aimed at maintaining a strategic and coordinated work programme based on major areas of council and partner organisations’ activity. The selection of review topics takes account of what is likely to be of direct and significant interest to residents, and what would be timely, relevant, and likely to add value. The programme incorporates the routine, on-going work of overview and scrutiny and the completion of reviews currently underway.

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