Search fees


Search Fees
Requisition (LLC1) £25
Standard enquiries (CON29R) (Residential) £79.15
Standard enquiries (CON29R) (Commercial)  £84.15 
Totals (Residential) £104.15
Totals (Commercial)  £109.15 
Additional parcel - garage £13
Additional parcel - non-garage £25
Optional enquiries  £10.50 (each)
Added enquiries £21 (each)
Personal search Free
Assisted search £22 (including photocopies)
Commons Registration
Optional Question 22 on CON29)

Fees are payable upon making the application for a search. If a request for a search is cancelled before completion, fees in excess of an administration fee of £36.75 will be refunded.

Drainage enquiries

Thames Water deals with all drainage enquiries. You can contact them on 0845 070 9148 or visit the Thames Water Property Searches website.

Highways information

For additional highways information please contact us via our enquiry form.

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