Seasonal issues

Autumn leaves

From mid October to late December our street cleansing contractor works hard to clear the huge quantity of leaves that have fallen from the many trees across the borough.

Reporting wet leaves

We continually monitor how the leaf clearance operation is going. However, if you have concerns about safety on your road because of wet leaves then please report this to us.

You can enquire about leaf clearance online via our leaf clearance form.

How you can help

You can help by:

  • taking extra care when walking or driving on wet leafy surfaces
  • being patient – we have limited resources and cannot clear all areas at once, especially if there has been extra leaf fall due to windy weather
  • not sweeping leaves into the road as this slows down our street cleaning operation - if you sweep leaves into the road after we have swept your street we won’t be able to return to your road again until your next scheduled visit
  • composting leaves from your own garden in a home composter
  • using the garden waste collection service
  • make leaf mould – to find out how visit recycle now

Springtime grass

The Landscape Services Team aims to ensure that our grassed areas are maintained to a good standard. Sometimes, however, at the beginning of the growing season between April and June the grass may be longer than we would like. This is because the grass is growing so quickly. It is particularly difficult if the weather is wet as this slows us down.

During this period we ask residents to understand that we are doing our best to keep the grass tidy. We are using the resources available to tackle this task in the most effective way.

Grass cutting

You can enquire about grass cutting by completing our grass cutting enquiry form.

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