Season tickets for multi-storey car parks

Season tickets are available for the High Street and Braccan Walk (formerly Charles Square) multi-storey car parks.


Type of ticket Price per ticket
5-day monthly (for use Monday to Friday)  £80 
5-day annual * (for use Monday to Friday) £800
7-day monthly £90
7-day annual * £950 

All charges are inclusive of VAT.

* Annual season tickets are refundable from the start of the following month. An early redemption charge of £90 applies.

Replacement season tickets cost £35.

Please note that season ticket holders are not guaranteed a right to admission if the car park is full.

Season ticket charges apply from the first of the month.


Ideal for businesses who want to buy more than 50 tickets.

Please be aware, the discount only applies if you purchase more than 50 tickets.

5 day annual tickets (for use Monday to Friday):

  • The first 50 tickets will be charged at £800 per ticket
  • The second 50 tickets will be charged at £750 per ticket
  • Thereafter each ticket will be charged at £700 per ticket

Please contact the Indigo UK Parking Shop; or 01344 424167, to buy your season ticket or if you have any other queries.


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