Self-Care awareness campaigns


Bracknell Forest Council’s Adult Social Care, Health and Housing department and Bracknell and Ascot Clinical Commissioning Group have pioneered a joint working approach to Prevention and Self-Care. This is aimed at supporting people in the local community to look after themselves better helping to improve their health and well-being without the need to unnecessarily use health and social care services.

As part of this approach each month the Joint Prevention and Self-Care Board will be promoting several of the many national and international events that focus on preventative health and social care issues. These events have included World Health Day, Dementia Awareness Week and Ovarian Cancer awareness Month.

These campaigns help to raise awareness and educate people about different health conditions and how the lifestyle choices people make may affect their health and well-being. These lifestyle choices include smoking, physical activity and healthy eating.

Our monthly campaigns are listed below where you can find out more, including what local support is available to you.

Previous awareness campaigns are archived here as a list.

Find more helpful tips and information on staying healthy and happy by accessing our Self-Care guide or Bracknell Forest's Year of Self-Care website.

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