Do you have concerns about your personal safety or the security of your home or business? If so, Forestcare can help. We can offer you a package which meets your safety or security requirements.

How it works

If you do not have a lifeline alarm fitted this will be the first thing you need to do. Once this has been fitted you can then select from a range of sensors which can be installed and connected to your lifeline alarm. Once set up, if any of your sensors are activated a call will be automatically put through to the control centre and dealt with in an appropriate and efficient manner.

Types of sensor

Wireless Passive Infra Red (PIR)

This sensor will detect movement (or lack of it) in the home.

Smoke Detector

In the event of fire will detect smoke.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Will detect dangerous levels of CO in the event of a gas leak.

Flood Detector

Will detect water on the floor (overflowing bath / sink; leaking washing machine).

Falls Pendant

Dual use as a standard/falls pendant.  Can be worn around wrist of neck and will detect excessive tilt of individual.

Temperature Sensor

Provides early warning of potentially hazardous temperature ranges. For example, if a cooker is left on.

Bogus Caller Button

Can be fitted near the main front door and provides reassurance when opening the door (to strangers).

Door Entry / Exit Sensor

Gives a warning that user has left their home but has not returned within a predetermined time slot.

Sounder Beacon

Produces enhanced visual and audio signals to alert user when a sensor / telephone is activated. Ideal aid for those individuals who are hard of hearing.

Bed / Chair Occupancy Sensor

Provides a warning that user has left chair / bed and not returned within a predetermined time. This sensor can also monitor for enuresis (incontinence).

Medication Dispenser

A unit which can be programmed to dispense medication at chosen intervals.

Epilepsy Sensor

There are two versions, one which is used on a mattress and another which is worn on the wrist. Each detects a seizure and raises an automatic call with the control centre.

Vibrating Pillow Alert

This is placed under a pillow and generates powerful vibrations to wake the user in the instance that a sensor in the property is activated.

Who are our customers?

Any commercial customer who requires premises and personal security measures put in place. This will include:

  • people living or working alone
  • older / vulnerable people
  • families with young children
  • those at risk of domestic violence
  • people leaving hospital
  • those at risk of regular falls
  • people suffering from medium to long term illnesses
  • people with disabilities
  • those wanting to improve the general security of their property
  • businesses and commercial property which have previously been victims of crime
  • self-employed people with small commercial units
  • local neighbourhood facilities such as village halls, community centres, churches and pubs

How much does it cost?

Rental charge of lifelines & sensors is based on customer having a Forestcare lifeline:

  • lifeline unit (Bracknell Forest area) - £3.71 per week (exc VAT)
  • lifeline unit (all other areas) - £3.97 per week (exc VAT)
  • one sensor - £0.82 per week (exc VAT)
  • two sensors - £1.55 per week (exc VAT)
  • three sensors - £2.28 per week (exc VAT)
  • each additional sensor is £0.82 per week (exc VAT)

How to pay

You can pay by monthly direct debit, quarterly invoice or online.

Why choose us

Choose us because we offer:

  • competitive prices
  • Telecare Services Authority affiliation
  • a 24 hour a day operation, 365 days a year
  • experienced, friendly staff with local knowledge
  • consistently good performance and high customer satisfaction
  • free no obligation demonstration / installation

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