Shepherd Meadows and Sandhurst Memorial Park

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Shepherd Meadows and Sandhurst Memorial Park are neighbouring sites in the south of the town on the River Blackwater. Shepherd Meadows consists of 40 hectares (100 acres) of wet meadows and woodlands that is important for its nature conservation. Sandhurst Memorial Park is a 28-hectare (69 acre) site that is a premier location for recreation in the borough. The sites which hold a Green Flag Award are managed together respectively by Bracknell Forest Council and Sandhurst Town Council.

Shepherd Meadows is featured in the Great Places for Circular Walks booklet.

Facilities and key features

Shepherd Meadows and Sandhurst Memorial Park have the following facilities and key features:

  • jointly hold a prestigious Green Flag Award - the national excellence standard for parks management
  • car parks located off the A321, Marshall Road and Yorktown Road
  • Shepherd Meadows and parts of the Memorial Park have high nature conservation value and are part of the Blackwater Valley Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI)
  • a network of tarmac, hoggin and mown pathways allow good access throughout the sites
  • picnic benches that are located near the Blackwater River
  • contact Hartley Wintney Angling Society for information about fishing permits along the Blackwater River

Located at the Memorial Park are:

  • Sandhurst Sports Club
  • Pistachios Café
  • a skate park with youth shelter
  • parish office and community hall
  • toilets
  • a children’s play area and activity trail for youths
  • multi-use games area
  • tennis courts and basketball courts
  • football pitches and cricket square


Both sites are important for nature conservation, especially Shepherd Meadows as it’s one of the last remaining undeveloped and agriculturally unimproved areas on the Blackwater River floodplain. For further information about wildlife you might spot, see our Shepherd Meadows and Sandhurst Memorial Park leaflet, which also provides a background to the sites history.


Bracknell Forest Council and Sandhurst Town Council have produced a management plan to guide the future development and management of the sites for the next ten years. The plan is for practical use and reference of Sandhurst Town Council officers, Parks and Countryside staff, contractors, volunteer groups (such as the Bracknell Conservation Volunteers), and other local people who use and enjoy the site.

Shepherd Meadows is managed as a Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspaces (SANGs) in order to create an enjoyable natural environment for recreation, away from the Thames Basin Heath Special Protection Area.

How to get there

The main car park to the Memorial Park is located off Yorktown Road (A321) GU47 9BJ. A small car park can be used to access Shepherd Meadows from Marshall Way in GU47 0FJ. Grid reference: SU848607.

Pedestrians can gain access from:

  • the A321 past the car park
  • south of the river across the railway line
  • the A30 across the railway line
  • Sandhurst at various points to the western end of the site

Wheelchair users can gain access from the car park to the riverside along a tarmac path.

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Get involved

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