Sites of the season - winter

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From spectacular sunsets to misty meadows Bracknell Forest has plenty of wintery wonderlands for you to explore and enjoy.

Horseshoe Lake

For a dose of tranquillity in the busy festive period, Horseshoe Lake is definitely worth a visit.

The lake is part of a large complex of flooded gravel pits along the Blackwater Valley in Sandhurst. Enjoy a refreshing stroll along the lake edge where you can watch out for wintering wildfowl on the water. Regular bird visitors include: Shoveler, Wigeon, Pochard, Gadwall, Goldeneye, Tufted Duck and Goosander.

Shepherd Meadows and Sandhurst Memorial Park

These neighbouring sites in Sandhurst are great spot for taking quiet strolls along the River Blackwater or getting involved in more active pursuits such as football, tug of war or using the skatepark.

The balancing pond and river are also great spots for watching large variety of wetland birds including coots, ducks, geese, moorhen and swans.

Site facilities include a children’s play area, the Pistachio’s café and toilets at the community hall.

Lily Hill Park

Located close to the centre of Bracknell, Lily Hill Park offers 56 acres of heritage parkland and gardens for you to explore and enjoy, all set around historic Lily Hill House (private residence).

An extensive network of surfaced paths run through the parkland where you can enjoy grand views and attractive features including ornamental planting, meadows, veteran trees, wooden sculptures and a community orchard.

Pope’s Meadow

Pope’s Meadow is named after Binfield’s most famous resident, the 18th century poet and philosopher Alexander Pope (1688-1744).

This small 13.7 acre country park is a great place for a quiet winter stroll around the meadows and pond or through the central woodland copse.

A star feature of this Green Flag award winning site is the magnificent, veteran oak trees, which provide a valuable habitat for birds, bats and rare invertebrates.

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