Supporting people - general information

Supporting people is a government initiative funded by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG).

It enables vulnerable people to remain, or become, independent in the community, through the provision of housing related support services that are cost effective, complement existing care services and are accountable to service users and to local and central government.

Supporting people is about ‘preventative’ work - preventing people getting into problems and helping those that have problems to make sure they do not get worse or head backwards. For example, helping people keep their rent payments up to date including help with accessing benefits, managing a budget or even ensuring that you are safe in your home. As a caring local authority, catering to the needs of our most vulnerable residents is a priority.

The priorities are reflected in many strategic and operational partner and council documents such as: the ‘All of Us’ strategy, PDF file downloadsupporting people five year strategy (PDF, 198kb), departmental service plans, and equally importantly, the work we do everyday and wouldn’t necessarily categorise as 'supporting people'.

For more information, please contact the supporting people team.

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