Take pride - volunteering

Take Pride is an initiative organised and steered through Bracknell Forest Council, in association with The Big Tidy Up and Keep Britain Tidy campaign.

The aim of Take Pride is to encourage and assist volunteering activities in the Bracknell Forest area. Take Pride is a campaign run jointly between Bracknell Forest Voluntary Action, Bracknell Forest Borough Council and Thames Valley Police.

Weekly litter picking

There are a number of dedicated groups and individual volunteers who undertake weekly litter picking around their neighbourhood along with the Scouts and Guides from Bracknell Forest. They work hard to give the borough a good clear up.

The campaign provides a great opportunity for volunteers to get involved in making a positive difference to the environment and our community. Volunteering is a great way to share skills, knowledge and leisure time with like minded people to improve the quality of life in our community.

Volunteering activities

You can get involved in the following types of activities:

  • community clean ups
  • community garden projects
  • conservation projects
  • crime awareness patrols
  • energy saving bulb recycling
  • supporting your neighbours
  • helping out in an emergency
  • The Big Tidy Up in Bracknell Forest

Equipment is available on loan to you and your teams to assist with the event. This includes litter pickers, high visibility waistcoats, and gloves. Graffiti wipes are also available.

Bags are provided to collect the litter. Arrangements can be made to collect bags from agreed locations. Please contact customer services with the details. Volunteers are encouraged to separate recyclable materials and take them to the nearest recycling site or place them in the clear bag provided.

How can I get involved?

Please submit the take pride volunteer registration form or contact the Projects Officer to find out more.

Organising volunteering events

If you would like to organise a volunteering event in your area, please contact involve for more information.

The council and / or Police will provide assistance where possible.

Frequently asked questions

Why should I volunteer?

Why should we do the council’s work for them?

I only want to volunteer for activities in the area I live. Is this possible?

I work, so I can’t volunteer on a regular basis. Can I still take part in Take Pride events?

Do I have to register as a volunteer before I can take part in a Take Pride event?

Do I need to be really fit to get involved?

I only come to Bracknell for work but would like to get involved. Can I still take part? Can the company I work for take part?

I like the idea of volunteering but want to do something different. How can I find out about other ways to get involved in my community?

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