The community trigger

Bracknell Forest has strong processes in place that allow the council, police, registered housing providers and other organisations and communities to work in partnership with each other to tackle anti social behaviour.

What is the community trigger?

The community trigger is a process which allows victims and communities the right to ask the Community Safety Partnership to review their responses to reports of anti-social behaviour.

The trigger is designed to ensure we work together to try and resolve reports about anti social behaviour. We will do this by talking about the problem, sharing information and using our resources to try and reach an agreeable outcome.

The trigger helps by making sure that no-one suffering the effects of anti social behaviour falls through the net. It will also ensure that all that can be done has, or is being, done.

When can I trigger?

The community trigger can be used when either:

  • three reports have been made to either the council, police or registered housing provider about the same issue in the last six months and no action has been taken; or
  • five individuals have separately reported about the same issue in the last six months and no action has been taken

The trigger cannot be used to report general acts of crime, including hate crime and does not replace the complaints procedures of individual organisations.

How do I trigger?

To use the community trigger please:

You will need to provide:

  • details of each time you have reported anti-social behaviour
  • to whom you reported it (name, organisation and/or incident reference number)
  • information about the anti-social behaviour.

If you have an ongoing complaint that is being dealt with by the council, police or registered housing provider, your case is not appropriate for the community trigger.

Application process

Once you have asked for your case to be reviewed, the Community Safety Team will assess your application. You will receive an initial response within seven working days.

If your application meets the criteria, a meeting will take place between all appropriate agencies (which may include police, registered housing providers and other partners) within 30 days.

They will discuss your application and what actions have been considered and taken. The group will review how the Partnership has responded and make recommendations on how the problem could be resolved.

A response will be sent to you within a further two working days detailing the outcome of the meeting and also suggestions on how the Partnership can attempt to resolve the anti-social behaviour.

If you are unhappy with the response from the community trigger, you can request a further review from the Community Safety Manager.

If I don't meet the trigger criteria, what do I do now?

If this is the first time you are reporting anti social behaviour you can report it by:

  • completing our report anti social behaviour form
  • contacting our Community Safety Team on 01344 352000
  • contacting Thames Valley Police on 101
  • reporting directly to your registered housing provider

Remember if it is an emergency please call 999.

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