Town & Country

Town & Country is Bracknell Forest Council's newspaper, which gets delivered three times a year each March, July and November.

Current edition

The PDF file downloadSpring 2017 edition of Town & Country (PDF, 2801kb) is out now. 

Alternatively, Town & Country will also be available from the following venues in the community:

  • Council offices
  • Bracknell Library
  • Bracknell Leisure Centre
  • Sandhurst Sports Centre
  • Edgbarrow Sports Centre
  • The Lookout Discovery Centre
  • Easthampstead Park Conference Centre
  • Bracknell Town Council
  • Sandhurst Town Council

Previous editions

For editions of Town and Country previous to this, please contact Communications and Marketing.

External advertising

Adverts from external parties for Town & Country are now being accepted. 

The publication is delivered to more than 48,000 households in Bracknell Forest. Editions are published in spring (March), summer (July) and winter (November).

Rates, including the design of your advert, are as follows:

 Type of advert Cost 
 Full page (outside back cover)  £1,100+VAT
 Full page (inside front cover)  £1,050+VAT
 Full page (internal)  £1,000+VAT
 Half page landscape (internal)  £550+VAT
 Quarter page portrait (internal)  £275+VAT
 Banner (internal)  £175+VAT

Advert requests will be considered on a first come first served basis.

Advertising will not be accepted from gyms, leisure services or golf clubs. This also applies to betting/gambling outlets and massage parlours or others which may harm the professional standards Bracknell Forest Council works to maintain.

For more information, please visit Spot on Media.

All external advert enquiries should be directed to Andrew Schofield. 

Call 0161 408 3912 or email

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