Website availability

We aim to ensure that the website is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, on occasions it may be unavailable for very short time periods due to system problems or to permit maintenance or other development activity to take place.

We have set our internet service standard at 97.5% availability. We use an independent site monitoring service to check that we are achieving this:

Website availability statistics for

View the current availability report for this website produced by Rapidspike.

 Month  Availability  Standard met
 Apr 2017  100% Pass
 Mar 2017  100% Pass
 Feb 2017  100% Pass 
 Jan 2017  100%  Pass 
 Dec 2016  100% Pass
 Nov 2016  99.98% Pass 
 Oct 2016  99.99% Pass
 Sept 2016  100% Pass
 Aug 2016  99.97% Pass
 July 2016  98.35% Pass
 Jun 2016  98.80% Pass
 May 2016  99.90% Pass
 Apr 2016  99.98%  Pass

Performance monitoring

We constantly monitor the performance of the website to ensure that the site and its contents are working correctly. We check all internal and external links on the site to ensure that they are working and correct. We do this through regular checks in our web content management system and through an external link checking service provided by SiteImprove.

We also monitor what our visitors think about our website and make improvements based on the feedback that we receive. A visitor survey is conducted on our behalf by ROL and allows visitors to feedback on their experience of using our website.

We also monitor feedback though a feedback panel on every page. This allows us to see if a single page is helpful and can make improvements based on this if not.

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