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Phase IV cardiac rehab classes

Cardiac rehabilitation is an active process that takes place after a heart attack or heart surgery.

It aims to restore a patient to, and maintain an optimum level of physical and mental well being. It requires patients to assume responsibility for their own health and well being, and to realise their potential to lead an active life.

This scheme can be accessed by:

  • GP referral
  • CHD specialist nurse referral
  • graduating from phase III exercise classes onto the phase IV

The cardiac rehab classes run twice a week at Crownwood Community Centre.

The classes are instructed by qualified British Association of Cardiac Rehabilitation (BACR) instructors. Patients can be assured they are in safe and knowledgeable hands.

Once referred, patients will have an initial consultation. Patients may then attend phase IV classes indefinitely or choose to take part in the Activate Health scheme.

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