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When might you want to use an advocate?

You might want to use an advocate:

  • if you feel your views are not being listened to
  • if you are unhappy with the way you are being cared for
  • if you are angry or upset about something that is happening to you
  • if you feel you haven’t been treated fairly
  • if no one is telling you what is happening about your situation
  • if decisions are being made about you that you haven’t been involved in
  • if you want to make a complaint

An advocate will:

  • help you speak up for yourself or speak on your behalf if that’s what you want
  • listen to your concerns or worries and help you to act on them
  • be open and honest with you
  • help you challenge decisions
  • help you prepare for meetings
  • explain to adults how you are feeling
  • explain to you what is happening and what is planned to happen
  • help you to sort out a problem if you are thinking of making a complaint

An advocate does not necessarily make things better. There may be some things that can’t be changed, but they will make sure everyone knows how you feel and help you to understand why the decision has been made.

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