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The application process

Step 4 - assessment and checks

The assessment to become a foster carer is a 2-stage process:

In stage 1:

A social worker will meet with you to discuss the next steps. At this stage checks will be made, including a Disclosing Barring Service (DBS) for those living within your household over 16 years, a local authority check and references will be contacted.

You will also be asked to have a medical examination with your GP (at no cost to you), to make sure there are no health reasons why you should not foster.

We will also invite you to attend a preparation course called Skills to Foster, run by members of the fostering team. It is a chance for you to meet other people who are interested in fostering and to learn more about what’s involved.

A health and safety check on your home will also be completed.

Once all the checks and references are returned, we will determine whether we can take your application forward to stage 2.

In stage 2:

A fostering social worker will undertake an assessment which will include information about you and your family, your support network and your skills and abilities in looking after children. It will also include the type of placements you and the assessor think will be best for you. You will be very much involved in providing information and evidence for this.

The social worker will then write an assessment report which will make a recommendation about your suitability to foster. You will be asked to read and comment on this document.

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