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About local crisis schemes

We offer 2 schemes:

  • local crisis grants
  • home emergency grant scheme

Local Crisis Grant scheme

The purpose of the Local Crisis Grant scheme is to provide a one off short term payment to address a crisis that is unforeseen and cannot be addressed by help from family, friends, charities or insurance.

The crisis grant is made to prevent serious harm or risk to the health or safety of the applicant or a member of the applicant’s family.

A crisis is an event of great or sudden misfortune, such as major flooding, a gas explosion, a chemical leak or a house fire, but not minor mishaps or damage.

The important point is that the financial pressure is a consequence of an unforeseen event.

The grant may also be given if the crisis includes the wider family of the household. For example, if a close relative is taken ill or dies, a grant may be awarded to cover travel costs to provide support.

Applications will not be considered where there is evidence that the request for financial assistance is a consequence of poor financial management that could have been avoided, or unnecessary expenditure that could have been avoided.

Home Emergency Grant

The purpose of the Home Emergency Grant is to help provide what is needed to set up home after an emergency or to set up the first home if leaving care or an institution.

It is used to either help secure items for a home from charitable sources or the purchase of items to set up home.

A Home Emergency Grant can also be paid to help you stay in your home or move to an alternative home if that means you will receive the support from family and friends or your local community.

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