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Getting help

If you need help with Universal Credit, you can contact the Universal Credit helpline

Personal budgeting support

Our Welfare and Housing service can offer personal budgeting support to anyone claiming Universal Credit.

This advice can help you to:

  • find out about support for the 6 weeks before the first payment is received
  • understand the financial impact of claiming Universal Credit - being paid monthly and in arrears
  • keep a monthly budgeting plan, including setting up direct debits and reducing non-essential spending
  • understand the difference between priority and non-priority debt

Please contact your work coach to be referred for personal budgeting support or contact the Welfare and Housing Service on 01344 352010.

Assisted digital support

The Welfare and Housing Service can also give assisted digital support to Universal Credit claimants. We can:

  • help claimants fill in their Universal Credit claim, including setting up an email account
  • give advice on digital security, such as keeping passwords safe
  • direct claimants struggling to use the internet somewhere where they can get more help

Please contact the Welfare and Housing Service on 01344 352010 to request help.

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