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Bin requests and issues

Issues relating to bin collection

If you have any issues relating to the collection of your bins, please see our guide to bin collection.

Bins for a new home

If you have moved into a new home it's possible that you might not have any bins.

You can request new green, blue and food waste bins all using our green bin enquiry form.    

Other requests and issues

For all other requests and issues, please select the enquiry form relating to type of bin at the bottom of this page.

Missing bins

If your bin has gone missing, please report this.

Bigger, smaller or additional bins

You can:

  • ask for a bigger green or blue bin
  • ask for an additional green or blue bin or food waste caddy
  • ask to downsize your green bin

Brown bins

If you would like to order a brown bin for garden waste, please see our garden waste pages.

Bins for an event

If you need bins for a community event, please use our request bins for events form.

Bin repairs

Bins are provided with a 1 year guarantee.

The only repairs we can carry out to wheelie bins are to replace the lids or the wheels. We can also supply replacement hinge pins but we cannot repair the actual hinge.

If the repair required is other than to the lids, wheels or hinge pin, then we cannot repair it and you must order a replacement bin. Please make sure that you tick the correct option on the bin form otherwise we will not remove the broken bin free of charge.

Bin removals

If you no longer need a bin or want to request the removal of an abandoned bin, you can ask us to remove it.