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How to book

Terms and conditions

Please note the following terms and conditions apply:

  1. Items must be left outside the property no later than 7am on the day of collection – no time slot can be allocated.
  2. No changes can be made to the collection arrangements after 3pm on the day before the collection.
  3. If you live in a communal property, the items must be left outside and accessible.
  4. Collections cancelled after 3pm on the working day before collection cannot be refunded.
  5. Collections cancelled before 3pm on the working day before collection will receive a 50% refund.
  6. Only the items listed on the collection request will be taken.
  7. Wardrobes and large items of furniture must be dismantled.
  8. Large items of garden furniture must be dismantled – for example free standing hammocks, swing seats and children’s swings and slides.
  9. A carpet and the underlay from 1 room count as 2 items, please make sure carpets and underlay are cut up and rolled into manageable sizes that one person can lift. Carpet and underlay need to be rolled and tied, not folded.
  10. BBQs will only be collected if the gas canister has been removed.
  11. Lawnmowers will only be collected if the petrol has been removed.
  12. Fridges and freezers will only be collected if they are completely empty - if there is any food left in them they will not be collected.
  13. Curtain poles and blinds must be cut up if they are longer than 3 metres.