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Recycle electrical items for free

With every bulky collection, you can have up to 3 small electrical items taken away for free. We define small electrical items as those which would easily fit in a standard supermarket carrier bag. If you have any electrical items you would like taken with your bulky collection, leave them out with your bulky items on collection day.

Please note, we can not collect any items that have screens such as laptops or tablets.

Examples of items we will and won't collect

Table showing which small electrical items will or will not be accepted.

Yes, please

No, thank you

blenders and mixers

hedge cutters and chainsaws


lamps (floor standing)

electric toothbrushes

laptops, notebooks and tablets

games consoles, DVD, Blu ray and video players

large home stereo systems

hairdryers, hair straighteners, curling tongs





PC monitors

lamps (table or desk)


mobile phones and cameras


MP3 players, CD players

white goods and large appliances

portable radios

shavers and epilators

toasters and sandwich toasters

This list doesn't include everything. If it is an electrical item which easily fits in a standard supermarket carrier bag, assume we will take it.