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Brown bin collections

Collection changes

Digital communication

Most customers using the brown bin service have access to emails and pay online. Please provide an up to date email address when you make your payment. Postal reminders for brown bin renewals are being phased out and will be by email in future.

If you do not have an email address (or that of someone else who could pass on a message to you) then you may find it helpful to make a note of when your annual subscription is due to be paid.

Rolling collection year

From 1 April 2019 there will no longer be a fixed brown bin collection year. Your service will begin once you have paid your annual fee and the renewal date will be one year from that point.

25 collections per year

There will be no brown bin collection over the festive period (23 December 2019 to 3 January 2020). This is because very few brown bins are put out at this time. Many households have extra recycling over Christmas and New Year, so we will use this extra space to collect recycling.

Buying a bin

New brown bins, available in 240L and 140L sizes, cost £36 to buy.

Collection charge

You will then need to pay an annual collection charge. You can see the prices in the table below.

Table showing garden waste collection prices

Type of charge

Annual collection charge

240L bin collection charge


140L bin collection charge


50% discount for 240L bin collection charge*


50% discount for 140L bin collection charge*


* If you receive an income-related benefit, you may qualify for a 50% discount.