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Garden sacks

Why do I have to book a collection for my garden sacks?

There are 3 main reasons that we need garden sacks to be booked for collection.

New bin collection trucks

The current bin collection trucks are split bodied - one side collects recycling and the other side collects garden waste. From July, we will be using new trucks and these are not split - recycling will go on one truck and garden waste on another.

Increase recycling capacity

During winter there is very little garden waste - this means that the garden waste half of the truck is very low during the colder months. Switching to a full recycling truck will mean we can maximise recycling.

Reduce our carbon footprint

If we know where garden waste needs to be collected, we can become more fuel efficient and reduce our carbon footprint. We have a list of our brown bin customers, but we don't have a list of garden sacks. For this reason, we need garden sacks to be booked for collection.

Cost and where to find garden sacks

If you don't have or want a brown bin you can use our brown biodegradable sacks. 

The collection fee is included in the price of the bag itself, so you do not need to pay the brown bin annual fee for this service. 

The bags cost £1 each.

You can buy bags from the following retailers:


  • Apollos News, 4 Royal Hunt Parade, Fernbank Road
  • Londis Supermarket, 140-142 New Road
  • Ascot Heath Library, Fernbank Road


  • Binfield Parish Council, Benetfeld Road
  • Binfield Library, Benetfeld Road

Birch Hill

  • Birch Hill Library, Leppington

Bracknell town centre

  • Bracknell Library, Town Square
  • Bracknell Town Council, Brooke House, 54 High Street
  • Cheney's, 25 High Street


  • Daily Food Store, 1 Bullbrook Row


  • Crowthorne Parish Council, Morgan Centre, Wellington Road
  • Crowthorne Library, 162 High Street

Easthampstead and Wildridings

  • Ekom Supermarket, 32 Reeds Hill

Great Hollands

  • Tool Stop, Great Hollands Square
  • Great Hollands Library, The Square

Harmans Water

  • Harmans Water Library, The Square, Harmans Water

Sandhurst and College Town

  • College Town Newsagents, Yorktown Road
  • Sandhurst Town Council, Yorktown Road
  • Sandhurst Library, The Broadway

Warfield and Winkfield

  • Warfield Parish Council, 7 County Lane, Warfield
  • Whitegrove Library, 5 County Lane, Warfield
  • Moss End Garden Centre, Moss End


  • The Look Out Discovery Centre, Nine Mile Ride

If you are a local business and would like to be an approved garden waste sack supplier please fill in the garden waste sack supplier application form.

PDF icon Garden waste sack supplier form33.79 KB