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Green general waste bin

Please make sure your bin is out by 6:30am on your regular collection day, or by 6am if your collection is a Saturday or bank holiday.

This may mean putting it out the night before.

green bin

In Bracknell Forest, green bins are for general waste that can not go into the blue recycling bin or to a local recycling site.

They are currently collected every 2 weeks.


If you live in a flat, your general waste bin could be green or red. For more information visit bin collection for flats.

What goes in your green bin

Table showing what can and cannot go into green general waste bin.

Yes, please

No, thank you

broken toys

any items you can recycle or compost

cooked food waste

builders rubble/soil

disposable nappies

car parts

food pouches and coffee pods

corrosive or hazardous materials such as pesticides, oil and paint


electrical, electronic equipment and batteries

plastics which are black – biscuit or chocolate box liners

fluorescent tubes/low energy light bulbs

plastic film

garden waste

any other general waste which you can't recycle or compost

hot ashes

Collection changes from March

From March 2021, green bin collections will be every 3 weeks.

This is to maximise the performance of our new food waste collections and offset the cost of introducing the new service.

To add food waste collections without changing our current service it would cost Bracknell Forest taxpayers around £2.29 million over the next 7 years.

We are not alone in this approach – at least 19 other councils in the UK already carry out 3-weekly general waste collections, with several others looking to add this in 2020.

Green bin capacity

Bracknell Forest residents are already keen recyclers and we know they want to recycle food waste. They already recycle around 40% of their household waste and food waste could take this to 50% by the end of 2021.

Recent waste surveys have shown that:

  • food waste accounts for 42% of waste in green bins
  • around 19% of waste that goes in residents’ green bins could be recycled, either in the blue bin or via one of our many recycling banks

By recycling food waste and all other recyclable materials, you should see a noticeable reduction in the volume of waste in your green bin. This means that 3 weekly collections of the green bin will be suitable.

Reduce your waste

Here are some ideas you can consider to help reduce your waste.

Food waste tips

For tips on how to reduce your food waste visit the love food hate waste website.

Get a free home composter

You can downsize your green general waste bin for a smaller one and receive a free composter. Fill in our green bin enquiry form.

Switch to greener hygiene products

Think about whether you or your family could:

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