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Recycling centre - the tip

Book a time slot before visiting the tip

Residents need to book a time slot to visit, using the Click and Tip booking system.

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Charges for some non-household waste - all vehicles

All vehicles will be checked on arrival at the re3 recycling centre and the following non-household waste items will now incur a charge:

  • soil and rubble
  • plasterboard
  • gas bottles
  • asbestos

Charges have been calculated to cover the cost of disposing of these items and are non-profit making. Payment can be made on site by pre-paid, debit or credit card only. A list of charges is available in re3’s Waste Acceptance Policy.

Residents can still dispose of all other household waste free of charge at the re3 recycling centres.

Recycling centre residents’ permits

Only people paying their council tax to Bracknell Forest, Reading and Wokingham can dispose of household waste and recycling at Longshot Lane and Smallmead.

It is easy to access a re3 recycling centre if you live in the re3 area. Simply show ID and proof of address.

Accepted proofs include a driving licence, utility bill, council tax or bank statement or credit card bill. Council tax statements, credit card bills, bank statements and utility bills should be no more than 4 months old. Re3 residents' permits are no longer acceptable as valid proof of address.

If you are a Bracknell Forest resident and have an e+ card the word ‘resident’ should be printed below the picture. You can use this. You can also use a photocard bus pass, valid blue badge or resident’ parking permit. These must be issued by Bracknell Forest, Reading or Wokingham Council.

Please note that the documentation used to prove residency in the re3 area must match you and your vehicle and be within its expiry date, where applicable. For example the vehicle registration number shown on a parking permit would need to match the registration number of the vehicle you use to visit the recycling centre.

Charity waste

For information on charity waste disposal at Longshot Lane please see the charity waste information on the re3 website.

Hazardous waste

For information on hazardous waste disposal, such as asbestos and household chemicals see the Waste Acceptance Policy.

Our policy on other types of waste

The Waste Acceptance Policy on the re3 website outlines limits on certain types of waste that can be taken to the re3 Recycling Centres. These limits are designed to prevent businesses bringing waste to the centres.

Policy on different types of waste.



Fridges and freezers

Any domestic fridge or freezer, up to the maximum size of an American style upright fridge can be brought to site


Up to 5 litres of paint

Engine Oil

Maximum of 5 litres

Animal and pet waste

Maximum of 2 bags from domestic animals only, waste from livestock and stabling is not accepted

Hazardous household waste

Up to 2 litres of chemicals

Fluorescent tubes and light bulbs

Maximum of 10 tubes or bulbs


Maximum of 4 car tyres

Fire extinguishers

Maximum of 2 per household (up to and including 2 kilogram or 3 litre size only)


Longshot Lane

Longshot Lane
RG12 1RL


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