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Terms and conditions for the scheme

Please read the terms and conditions for the recycling incentive scheme below:

  • you need an e+ card to register - the e+ card terms and conditions apply to this scheme
  • only residents of Bracknell Forest Borough are eligible for the scheme
  • if the registered e+ card holder moves out of the borough, you need to tell the council - all points will be forfeited 28 days after the card holder has stopped paying council tax in Bracknell Forest
  • only residents over the age of 16 can be registered on the scheme
  • only one e+ card holder can receive your household's points
  • points will only be given if your bin contains the correct items¬†- if your bin contains items the council does not collect in the blue bin, we will tell you and you risk being removed from the scheme and forfeiting your points
  • if you put an empty bin out for collection, you will not get any points
  • the council annually reviews the number of points awarded per collection
  • points can only be redeemed against the value of the reward as published at the time of claiming it
  • the council can put a limit on the number of points you can earn
  • the recycling points awarded remain the property of the council and can only be redeemed by the relevant card holder
  • points cannot be redeemed for cash, currency or credit
  • the list of rewards may change at any time
  • you are responsible for making sure you are receiving points correctly - if you believe you are missing some points, you need to tell the council
  • if you think you are missing points, you must make a claim within 3 months of the date you are claiming for
  • starting from July 2017 all points expire after 2 years; any points not used within 2 years will automatically be removed from your account - points awarded for your oldest collections will always be redeemed first and new points will have two years validity