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What goes in my bin?

Blue bin

For recycling (please quickly 'wash and squash' recyclable plastics, foil and cartons to reduce contamination and to free up space).

For more information about plastic recycling, visit the re3 website

Table showing what can and cannot be recycled.

Yes, please

No, thank you

aerosol canisters – empty

metal jar lids


cellophane, plastic film

cans and tins – washed food, drink and pet food (labels are OK)

crisp bags

card – cereal boxes, corrugated card, egg boxes, kitchen and toilet roll tubes, flattened boxes

electrical, electronic equipment and batteries

cards – greetings cards and Christmas cards (without glitter)

foil-based wrapping paper

cartons (Tetrapak) – juice, milk and soup cartons

food pouches and coffee pods

catalogues, brochures and directories

food waste

foil and foil trays (rinsed)


junk mail, flyers, letters and envelopes (including window envelopes)

metal – cutlery and pots and pans

newspapers and magazines


paper – printer paper (white and coloured)

plastic bags

plastic bottles (rinsed) – drinks, milk, toiletry, detergent, bleach

plastic toys

plastic punnets and trays – fruit punnets, meat trays

plastics which are black – biscuit or chocolate box liners

plastic cosmetic pots or tubs


plastic pots – yoghurt, cream or soup pots

textiles – clothes, bedding, duvets

plastic tubs – ice cream and margarine tubs


shredded paper (please put in a small box, paper bag or wrap in newspaper)

toothpaste tubes

wrapping paper (not foil based)

Black plastic is not currently recycled as sorting equipment cannot detect the carbon black pigment. Please put these in your green general waste bin.

For more information on recycling please visit the recycle now website.

Green bin

For general waste (that can not go into the blue bin or to a local recycling site).

If you live in a flat, your general waste bin could be green or red. For more information visit our bin collection for flats page

Table showing what can and cannot go into green bin.

Yes, please

No, thank you

broken toys

any items you can recycle or compost

cooked food waste

builders rubble/soil

disposable nappies

car parts

food pouches and coffee pods

corrosive or hazardous materials such as pesticides, oil and paint


electrical, electronic equipment and batteries

plastics which are black – biscuit or chocolate box liners

fluorescent tubes/low energy light bulbs

plastic film

garden waste

any other general waste which you can't recycle or compost

hot ashes

For tips on how to reduce your food waste visit the love food hate waste website.

Find out how to receive a free home composter

Residents can downsize their current green landfill bin for a smaller one and receive a free composter. Fill in our green bin enquiry form.

Brown bin and biodegradable sacks

For garden waste.

Table showing what can and cannot go in brown bin and biodegradable sacks.

Yes, please

No, thank you

chopped up Christmas trees

animal waste

grass cuttings

branches over 7.5cm (3 inches) wide or over 1.2m (4ft) long

hedge and tree trimmings

bricks and rubble


flower pots or plant trays

small branches

food waste including fruit and vegetables or peelings (including windfall fruit)

small plants/flowers

glass or metal


soil, turf or stones

tree stumps

any item that should be in the recycling or general waste bin

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