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Copse stone

The Copse Stone memorials are sited within triangular borders around the Silver Birch Copse.

Ashes are not scattered in the borders and can be scattered in Silver Birch Copse. The grass in the Copse is only cut a couple of times each year creating a more natural woodland setting. 

Copse stone

copse stone - granite rock with plaque options, sited around the silver birch copse

The Copse Stone is also an option for those who want a natural memorial. This memorial is a unique granite rock with the option of adding a photo plaque or small artistic design along with your inscription. The dedication period is renewable annually.

Key information

Location: Silver birch copse

Grant: annual


Table showing prices for copse stone



Initial setup, installation and first year's grant


Renewal of grant for 1 year


How to order

Please contact us if you would like to order a copse stone.

Contact information

Easthampstead Park Cemetery and Crematorium

Phone: 01344 420314

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