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Granite memorial: memorial desks

Memorial desk in the memorial garden

Memorial desks

Memorial desks are located in the Memorial Garden.

Each plot can take up to 2 sets of Ashes held in an underground vault and a black granite engraved tablet is placed on the top of the vault. Each plot has a vase.

The plaques can have up to a 6 line inscription of your choice. The dedication period is renewable annually. If you wish to end the memorial agreement there is additional paperwork to complete.

Key information

Location: Memorial Garden

Grant: annual




Initial setup, installation and first years grant


Second and final interment (inc. 50 letters)


Renewal of grant for 1 year


Additional inscription per letter


How to order

If you would like to order a memorial desk, please contact us.

Contact information

Easthampstead Park Cemetery and Crematorium

Phone: 01344 420314

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