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What happens at a public health funeral?

If nobody is prepared to arrange the funeral we will take responsibility for the funeral arrangements. This includes:

  • registration of the death
  • instructing a funeral director to collect the body
  • providing a coffin
  • transporting the deceased to the crematorium

We will tell any known family and friends the date and time of the funeral. They can attend if they wish to do so.

Burial or cremation?

Unless there is evidence that the deceased would have been against cremation we will make arrangements for a cremation. This will take place at Easthampstead Park Cemetery and Crematorium.

If the person has left paperwork or told family or friends that they wanted to be buried we will make suitable arrangements for burial.

In either case a time will be allocated within the crematorium chapel for family and friends to pay their respects.

Religious services

It may not be possible for us to find out if the deceased was religious or not, but we are happy to liaise with family and friends. If they wish to arrange for a minister or officiant to take the service they will be able to do so at their own expense. If a minister or an officiant is chosen we would suggest that they are given the opportunity to speak to family and friends before the service to make the service a bespoke and personal one.

For a burial a service can be held at the graveside. It is only normally the lack of a memorial that distinguishes the grave. No memorial is permitted on the grave unless the exclusive right of burial is purchased.

Cremated remains

The cremated remains of the deceased will be scattered in the gardens of remembrance unless other specific instructions are found amongst the deceased possessions or in a will. Any costs associated with specific instructions must be met through the deceased's estate or by family members or friends.

If a family member wishes to keep the remains then they must be collected from the crematorium. It is not possible to arrange for remains to be couriered without full payment in advance.