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The ceremony

The ceremony is such a significant part of your day, and a little time spent planning with the registrars can make it very special. It is important to us that both you and your guests enjoy the ceremony.

What we provide

You may wish to include a reading, or piece of poetry, or you may like to make personal vows to each other in addition to the legal vows required. It should be noted that any enhancements must not have any religious content, and must be approved by the registrar prior to the day.

The bride, groom, civil partner, or both partners can invite someone special to give them away during the ceremony.

Further personalisation is possible if you choose to see the registrar separately prior to the ceremony. This enables one or both parties to be escorted into the ceremonial room, by a relative and attendants or a friend, without having been seen by the assembled party.

The bride or couple can enter to the traditional bridal march, or to a favourite piece of music. It is also possible to add a formal exit following the ceremony, again to traditional music or something special to the couple. If you are looking for any particular requirements, please ask the Registrar team.

Recordings and photographs

We understand that your day is very special and you may want to record it. A video camera may be used during the ceremony with the approval of the registrar. We do request that still photographs are not taken by guests during the actual ceremony, but every opportunity is given afterwards for guests to take pictures.

Photography and video of the signing of the actual register is not permitted.

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