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Giving notice for marriages and civil partnerships

What do I need?

Proof of name, age and nationality

If you are a British Citizen and have a current valid passport, this is sufficient as proof of your name, age and nationality.

If you do not have a current valid passport, you will need to provide:

  • a full birth certificate
  • if you were born after 01/01/1983, you will need to provide a parent’s British birth certificate (if you parents were not married or in a civil partnership at the time of your birth, then it must be your mother’s birth certificate)
  • if using your birth certificate only, we require sight of some other form of photo ID eg driving licence

If you were not born in the UK, a current, valid passport or ID card is essential.

Proof of your address

You must provide proof of your address, for example:

  • bank statement dated in the last month
  • utility bill dated within the last three months
  • council tax statement dated within the last year
  • mortgage statement dated within the last year
  • photo driving licence

You may also need to provide:

  • original decree absolute divorce papers (if applicable)
  • if divorce is in a foreign language a translation is required
  • death certificate for former spouse (if applicable)
  • change of name papers (if applicable)
  • parental consent (if under 18)

Please be aware that failure to produce the required documents may result in the notice not being taken.

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