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About the document return service

If you have applied online to become a British citizen using an AN or MN form, you can use the Nationality Document Return Service (NDRS) to retain your original documents whilst the Home Office processes your application for citizenship.

By using this service, we will send certified copies of your supporting documentation, such as passports, to the Home Office on your behalf.

Use of the nationality document return service does not mean your application will be successful. It is your responsibility to ensure that you meet the requirements and are able to supply the relevant documentation before you submit an application.

Application for your British passport

You can also submit your application for your British passport at the same time.

You can do this if:

  • you are applying online for citizenship
  • you are using the nationality document return service
  • your personal details match your current passport / identity document and your online citizenship application forms

Please note if your current details do not match your current passport or identity document you cannot apply for a passport at the same time. Any application made where details do not correspond may be refused a British passport.