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Primary authority partnerships

The council offers Food Primary Authority partnerships to businesses wishing to take advantage of the scheme. We currently have a partnership in place with Waitrose Ltd regarding food hygiene matters.

What is a Primary Authority?

The impact of partnerships can be huge. A Primary Authority can issue advice to its partner business. This advice applies throughout England and Wales regardless of where the outlets are based.

What are the benefits?

Primary Authority gives businesses:

  • the confidence to expand and grow, knowing that the regulatory advice they receive is binding on other local authorities
  • the costs associated with trying to comply with different councils’ interpretations of the law are reduced
  • reduced regulatory burden conferred by inspection plans

Who can have a Primary Authority?

Any business, charity or other organisation that is regulated by two or more local authorities in respect of a relevant function can have a Primary Authority. These functions are typically matters such as environmental health, trading standards or licensing.

If you are interested in forming a Primary Authority partnership with Bracknell Forest Council please contact us on 01344 352000.

For further information please visit the Regulation Delivery website.

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