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Temporary event notices

To authorise licensable activities at an event, a temporary event notice (TEN) must be served on the local authority. Licensable activities include the following:

  • sale by retail of alcohol
  • provision of hot food or drink between 11pm and 5am
  • provision of regulated entertainment


You must be 18 years or older to give a temporary events notice (TEN). You can give a maximum of 5 TENs per year. If you are a personal licence holder, you can give a maximum of 50 TENs per year.

A premises can have a maximum of 15 TENs a year, with a maximum total of 21 days. The event must involve fewer than 500 people at any one time and last no more than 168 hours, with a minimum of 24 hours between events.

The licensing authority can serve a counter notice if the TEN has not been properly served or if the permitted limits have been exceeded.


Please read our statement of licensing policy for more information and guidance.

PDF icon Statement of licensing policy300.79 KB

Alternatively, you can download a pdf and post it to us. If you choose to submit a TEN using this route please ensure you include a copy of the TEN for the Environmental Protection Team, and also post a copy to:

Thames Valley Police Headquarters (South)
OX5 2NX.

Failure to do so will mean the TEN is invalid.

PDF icon Licensing TEN form220.48 KB


The fee for a TEN is £21.

The notice process

All TENs (standard or late) must be served within the permitted time limits on these authorities:

  • licensing authority
  • the police
  • Environmental Protection Team

Standard TENs must be served on all three authorities at least 10 clear working days before the date of the event. Late TENs must be served on all three authorities between 5 and 9 clear working days before the date of the event. Any TEN given less than 5 clear working days before the date of the event to which it relates will be returned as void and the activities to which it relates will not be authorised.

How long will it take to process the notice?

We aim to acknowledge your notice within 2 days of receiving it. Please contact us if you have not heard from us by the end of this period.

Appeals and objections

Any objections from the police or the Environmental Protection Team must be served within 3 working days of receipt of the temporary event notice (TEN).

If the police or the Environmental Protection Team object to a standard TEN, they may contact the premises user to discuss their objections and try to come to an agreement which will allow the proposed licensable activities to proceed.

The TEN can be modified. If the notice is in connection with licensable activities at licensed premises, the licensing authority may also impose one or more of the existing premises licence conditions to the TEN. If there is no agreement, the licensing authority must hold a hearing to consider the notice (unless all parties agree that this is unnecessary). The licensing committee may decide to allow the licensable activities to go ahead as stated in the notice, or may serve a counter notice to prevent the event.

If the police or the Environmental Protection Team object to a late TEN, the event will be immediately vetoed. There is no provision for a hearing, the application of existing conditions nor is there a facility to appeal against the decision.

The law

The relevant legislation is the Licensing Act 2003.

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