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Street collection permit

To collect cash or sell items in the street for charitable purposes you need a permit from the local authority.

Collections should not be made in such a manner as to inconvenience or annoy members of the public and therefore a collector must remain stationary. In cases where there is more than one collector, they must be at least 25 metres apart. This condition will be waived if the collection is to take place as part of a procession. 

Every collector must carry a collecting box, which must be numbered and securely closed and sealed so that it cannot be opened without the seal being broken. The numbering of the collection boxes must be consecutive. All collection boxes must prominently display the name of the charity of fund for which the collection is taking place. All money received during a collection must immediately be place in a collection box.

After the collection

All collection boxes must be opened in the presence of the promoter and another responsible person, except in cases where the unopened box is delivered straight to the bank. In that instance the bank is permitted to open the collection box. The person opening the box must count the contents and enter the amount with the number of the collecting box on a list, which must be certified by that person.

Payments must not be made to any collector, or any person, directly or indirectly connected with the promotion that has not been approved by Bracknell Forest Council in the application.

Within 1 month of the collection taking place a form must be completed and forwarded to Bracknell Forest Council, along with a list of collectors and a list of the amounts collected in each box.

PDF icon Street collection return form79 KB


Persons under the age of 16 are not allowed to be collectors and it is the responsibility of the promoter of the collection to enforce this.

Street collections within the borough are limited to 2 collections per charity each year.

Street collections are also limited to the following totals per year:

  • Bracknell town centre - 50
  • Meadows shopping centre - 75
  • Bracknell town parish - 15
  • Crowthorne parish - 15
  • Sandhurst parish - 15
  • Binfield parish - 15
  • Warfield parish - 15
  • Winkfield parish - 15

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