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Sunday trading notifications

The Sunday Trading Act 1994 relating to Sunday trading came into force on 26 August 1994.


The restrictions to trade on Sundays do not apply to the following shops:

  • shops with a floor area not exceeding 280m 2 (small shops)
  • establishments selling meals, refreshments or intoxicating liquor for consumption on the premises, and take-away shops
  • farm shops selling their own produce
  • shops whose business is wholly or mainly the sale of intoxicating liquor
  • shops whose business is wholly or mainly the sale or supply of motor or cycle supplies or accessories
  • registered pharmacies open for the sale or supply of medicinal products and medical and surgical appliances
  • shops in railway stations, motorway service areas and designated airports
  • petrol stations
  • shops open for the sale of food, stores or other necessities for vessels or aircraft at airports
  • exhibition strands

Large shops

Shops where the floor area used for the display of goods and customer services exceeds 280m 2 ('large shops') may not open unless they have given formal notice of intent to the local authority. In these cases shops may operate for a period of six hours, between 10 am and 6 pm.

No 'large shop' is permitted to open on Easter Day or Christmas Day.

PDF icon Sunday trading registration form37.56 KB

On receipt of a notification, your details will be entered on to a register and a copy of the notice must be displayed in the shop in question.

Important extra information

Traders should be aware that although consent is permitted by the Sunday Trading Act 1994 there may be restrictions in terms of planning conditions on leasehold agreements for example. Please check your own situation before going ahead with a notification.

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