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Getting support for a child or young person with disabilities

If you are caring for a child with additional needs and you feel you need further support please contact the Children’s Duty and Assessment Team. You can do this by:

They will decide if an assessment is required and whether a child or young person is eligible for support based on:

  • the needs of the child
  • parenting capacity
  • social and environmental factors

Services can only be provided as part of an agreed plan following an assessment. Usually this will be a social care assessment, carried out within 45 days of contact. However it could also be as part of Education, Health and Care Plan.

Any assessment will always include:

  • the wishes and feelings of the child or young person
  • their aspirations
  • aspirations their family have for them
  • information from health and education as a minimum, but it may be necessary to talk to others

If your child is eligible for a service, then the team will undertake a resource allocation questionnaire with you and your child. This will enable us to make sure of a personalised approach to how those needs are met and may include a personal budget. Whether you ask us to provide these services ourselves, through other organisations, or you take the opportunity of a personal budget, we will always try to work in partnership with you, to support you in meeting your child’s needs.

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