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The people in our family safeguarding team

Our family safeguarding teams are made up of the following people:

Social workers

Social workers work with parents and children to support parents to make changes in their lives to keep their children safe.

Family workers

Family workers work with children and parents, supporting social workers.

Domestic abuse victim workers

Domestic abuse victim workers support victims of domestic abuse, helping them to recognise the signs, support them to make changes to keep their children and themselves safe, and help them identify the impact of domestic abuse.

Domestic abuse perpetrator workers

Domestic abuse perpetrator workers support perpetrators of domestic abuse to help them recognise the impact of their actions and how this can affect their children, achieve change to stabilise their relationships and keep their children safe.

Drug and alcohol recovery workers

Drug and alcohol recovery workers work with parents experiencing difficulties with either drugs, or alcohol or both, supporting them to make positive lifestyle changes and enabling them to care for their children.

Mental health workers

Mental health workers support parents experiencing mental health difficulties.

Clinical psychologist

Our clinical psychologist works with parents on things that may affect their children.

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