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Children in Care Council

One of the ways that children in care can have their say is by being part of a Children in Care Council.

Our Children in Care Council is called Say it Loud Say it Proud – or SilSiP for short.

SiLSiP is for all children who are in care or are leaving care. We get together once a month to discuss important issues about care and try and make changes for the better. We share views, suggest ideas and projects and help the council make decisions on issues that will impact you. 

Joining SiLSiP is a great way to:

  • share your views
  • influence important people in the local council
  • learn new skills
  • meet other young people with experience of being in care

To find out about the next meeting or activity call the Participation Officer on 01344 351546.

Top issue for 2017

You said:

“Young people in care should be involved in helping to find new foster carers”


  • organised a poetry workshop where you wrote poems to encourage people to think about becoming carers
  • created a promotion booklet for foster carers which included your art and poetry
  • chose some of the poems to be on the website during Foster Carers Fortnight and recorded them so people could listen or watch the poems online
  • used Jade’s poem on a banner which is used at events