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Fostering mythbusters

There are many misconceptions about fostering, but don’t be put off.


Myth: You have to live in Bracknell

As long as you live close by, you do not have to live in Bracknell to foster with us. Occasionally living outside Bracknell can be desirable as each child’s requirements are different.

Myth: You have to be a homeowner

Whether you are a tenant or home owner, it doesn’t matter. You simply need to have a secure lease and be planning to stay in the property for the foreseeable future to be able to foster.

Myth: You have to be a certain age

We don't have any upper age limits but you should be over 21 years old. We review each applicant’s individual circumstances on a case-by-case basis, including his/her health, lifestyle and support network.

Myth: You can’t have your own children

You can. During the application process we will meet and consult with every member of your family and support you through the process and beyond.

Myth: You cannot foster if you live alone

If you believe you have the ability and time to make a difference to a child in foster care, we’d love to hear from you. Being single should not prevent anyone applying.

Myth: You must be a British citizen and English should be your first language

You don’t need to have English as your mother tongue but you do need to have a good standard of both written and spoken English to ensure you can communicate with both the child and other professionals. You will need to show evidence that you are eligible to remain in the UK permanently.

Myth: There is no financial support to foster carers

When children are in care, a generous allowance is given to the carer to cover the varied needs of each foster child and to allow the child and carer to have a good standard of living.

Myth: You must be heterosexual to foster

We welcome foster carers of any sexual orientation.

Myth: You must be a homeowner

You can be a tenant and still foster providing you have consent from your landlord.

Myth: You cannot have pets

Many of our foster carers have pets and they can be great for children. Animals will need to assessed but unless they are a risk to a child they will not prevent you from fostering.

Myth: You cannot claim benefits and foster

Foster carers are approved rather than employed so in most cases the fostering allowance does not affect your right to claim other benefits.

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