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If you are aged over 18, your personal adviser will help you to find suitable accommodation. This might involve:

  • working with Housing Services to come up with suitable housing options for you, including supported accommodation if you are not ready or don’t want to have your own tenancy
  • support to access different independent housing options including social housing (this is accommodation managed by BFC housing or a housing association)
  • advice about holding down a tenancy, including avoiding rent or council tax arrears, paying bills and budgeting, as a care leaver living in Bracknell you will be exempt from paying your council tax
  • helping you to claim housing benefit or universal credit
  • practical support with moving into and furnishing your new home
  • supporting you if you have a housing crisis, including helping if you are threatened with or lose a tenancy, care leavers aged 18 to 20 have a priority need if they are homeless

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