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Independent visitors

All looked after children have a right to ask for an independent visitor. Talk to your social worker or carer to see if its right for you

An independent visitor is:

  • an adult who is a volunteer, they don’t get paid
  • someone who visits you regularly
  • someone you can get on with
  • not a social worker or a carer
  • someone who is matched to you with similar likes and dislikes
  • someone you can have fun with
  • someone you can talk to

What they do

An independent visitor will:

  • spend time getting to know you
  • listen to you
  • spend time with you doing the things you like
  • offer you friendship
  • offer you advice and support if you need it
  • keep what you talk about private, unless they think you might be at risk of harm

"She gives me advice and is really helpful to me."

"We can have a laugh together and takes my mind off a few things."

Getting an independent visitor

Talk to your social worker, carer or the Child Participation Development Office. They will talk you through it and you can decide if an independent visitor is what you need.

If you talk to your social worker, they will fill in a form giving some information about you, your hobbies, and your likes and dislikes so that you can be matched with the right person. There might be a wait while we find the right kind of person for you.

Get in touch with the Child Participation Development Officer

Please get in touch if you would like to talk about this, I am here to help. Sometimes you might have to leave a message but I will always get back to you.

You can contact the Child Participation Development Officer by: